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iv never really done a review sorta thing, mainly im lazy but i get the time to think and come up with good words and effort, and thus, Halloween is this Friday and while i watched old classics or new Halloween movies that are becoming classics, i saw The Possession, Silent Hill, some Goosebumps episodes and The Haunting Hour both by R.L Stine, to others like Nightmare Before Christmas, Casper 1995 and Ect.

But i sorta wanted to scavenger around Neflix or Youtube, for some other choices for Halloween, and its mostly ghost movies im into the most, and i found 3 that i am going to be talking about and reviewing them, for the spirit of Halloween HUZZAH!!...ALSO :iconlacymooo:'s journal movie reviews sorta inspired me to do this :D....she made me this >>> Anna squee Can I have My Dignity Back Now? by lacymoooso enjoy what i above   to offer, or skip this hole part and go straight to the review, five stars, blah blah all dat stuff.
The Little Ghost, 2013.
Okay just to throw it out, the ghost looks like a creepy alien casper hybrid with a blanket body and has mitten hands and dont be confused by the old tittle of a casper cartoon...but the rest of the movie, it did not seem that bad, the story about a little ghost that wakes up from a chest in a castle every night of midnight and has a hour of freedom, it decides to wanting to see what daylight so it changes its clock and things get different and strange.

i like the style of the town and rooms are old fashion, woody and some old nick knack stuff, i don't know how to describe if really, think of this like you'd see in a small world in a tiny house like in Secret of Nim or Kooky's Return, also the little ghost gets himself a theme song, the ghost himself is alright, and like i said it seems okay, kinda cute and fun, give it a look :).
So i give my rating for this movie: Star!Star!Star!Star!
Next Movie: Ghost Machine, 2010.
Now, just by looking at the cover, with the machine and ghostly skull head, it looked like a steam punk kind of story, and 2nd i has 6 Oscar awards so its a other thing that caught my eye, now the story, A teen boy name Cody is grief-stricken over by the death of his parents, so he starts building an electrical device that will bring their spirits back from the grave.

Okay so, as the movie starts to end, a old man that cody starts to like this one woman hes with but rejects her when the machine works and brings his dead wife back! and it would not matter anyway because cody destroys the machine because it brought back not the parents but two killers of some sort that, did a kindergarten or something, and not to mention he as a younger brother, and the movie frigging ends with the young boy being TAKEN AWAY from the care of his older brother Cody!, and all because he kept being late to take him to school, it an't like lilo and stich folks!, what a rip off!, i mostly hate Bee movie endings like this, i know it had Oscars but...dang it man! the little brother was crying as he was being driven away in the car, and the brother just walks it off and turns off the lights in his house, i want the movie erased from my head now >:C.
So i give my rating for this movie: Half Star /:shithappens: and :poo: revamp 
And Final Ghost Movie: Believe, 2000.
With some of its reviews mention that this movie was like a long episode of Goosebumps and was cute, gave it 3 stars for it, the story?, Ben Stiles loves scaring people, but when getting kicked out of Privet school, he goes to live with his grandpa in Wickwire house, when soon he discovers a mysterious wailing ghost thats haunting the house.

This movie is not like, scary but charming, its rated PG-13 but it looks like it could be for kids to watch with there family, and i sorta agree with some of those fellow Neflix comments, from the cover it did look like it was going to be a scary ghost movie, but from some of the reviews calling it "cute" and like a "goosebumps episode" it got me watching it, i like to find a ghost movie thats kinda like Casper 1995 or perhaps Nightmare Before Christmas, it does not have to be scary but charming, The Little Ghost was charming as well, it makes me think of old dirt roads with just orange yellow and redness all around in trees and bushes, mist coldness, greyness and rain, sssoooo, go check it out if you like that kinda stuff.
So i give my rating for this movie: Star!Star!Star!Star!Half Star  four stars
So though are my three short ghost movie reviewing, i hope it was enjoyable to read, and for the movies?, aaaaah, dont watch Ghost Machine, if you dont like bad endings, The Little Ghost and Believe i find those two be charming and mysterious, and i hope my words were okay to how i describe the movies, until then, ENJOY HALLOWEEN! 
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