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Cartoon Commissions!
Remy the Lil Pastel Chinese Dragon by Shoonah101Drawings
Glewton Digitaly Colored by Shoonah101Drawings
Swazye Flat Colored by Shoonah101Drawings
Oliver The Robot Cat by Shoonah101Drawings
Shards Bust Headshot by Shoonah101Drawings
I can do Digital and Traditional.

Bullet; Green Bust shots
Bullet; Green Headshots
Bullet; Green Full Body

Bullet; Green Animals
Bullet; Green Monsters
Bullet; Green Other Zany looking characters
Bullet; Yellow A little rusty on doing Humans
Bullet; Green Fan Characters

my Commissions are open! OPEN sign 
I'm going to list a bunch of characters that have already been out on my dA, because i still have like, a ton of old ones to crank out, or some that are still a work in progress to draw, and perhaps needs work on there bios.
so i think its like a to-do list while also recall? something like that i dunno XD :shrug:
Fredrick/still needing some work on his looks ( 3 years and im STILL trying to draw him XD)
Big bub
Skeleton Butler/ might need a name
Heidi/ needs a bio sheet
Aleena/ needs a other re-design 
Big Al/ Forest dragon not drawn yet
Millie/ might need a proper Bio sheet
Oswald/ needs a bio sheet
Miss Rosemary Leatherby
Logarth/ adopted
Issac/ adopted
Remy/ new OC that i gotta work on bio
Dr Zul/ as a re-designing on the arms and needs a bio sheet
Echo/ a drawing posted with bio, is also a grey pink alien
unnamed alien head/ needs a name, full drawn body and bio\
unnamed minion head/ needs a full body drawn and short bio and name
unnamed minion 2#/ never has been drawn or named
Clyde G Clef/ re-designing work he looks like seahorse man and bio
Snoxt/ Clyde's sidekick needed a full drawing and bio
Mother Thorn/ Clyde's caretaker mother, needs a drawing
James/ needs a re-design
Darla Dove
Phony/ as not been drawn yet
Raymond/ can use a bio
unnamed swan character/ needs name and drawing
unnamed Military Macaw character/ name and drawing
Glewton/ bio
Footloose/ needs drawing
unnamed toon dude/ working on drawing and needs a name
Vivi/ working on drawing
The Quail Brothers
unnamed alien character/ as his species already set, the McFlabberJacks

so there you have it, my hole character cast of Devaint art! :la:
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I really love movies and want to do films one day, i like doing Character Development and Story Telling and kinda interested in Voice Acting, i wanna learn how to do cartoons and draw characters that come in my head because i love to to think again. O_ರೃ also love role play :iconhurrhurrplz:
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to tell you the truth like, animaniacs was the fisrt inspiration i had when i was like 8 or 9 for me to make my future animated movies, then later on it included wanting to deign and build characters and give them a story, and along with that, i wanted to completely start very fresh, forgetting my re-color fan characters and other random crud, and build my brand new cast of characters, Fredrick was my starter then his ghost friends and so that's why i made this list, to keep track the old and new ones that i have shoonah101drawings.deviantart.…, later on when i joined dA, adoptable characters were included into my cast, of course not just animaniacs was the only thing, other movies that i really love also inspired me or the movie's character :meow:

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That picture you faved was actually a commission, how do you post your commission pictures in the front of your page?
Shoonah101Drawings Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
there was a widget that i could add on my front Deviant art page! ^3^ you interested in a point commission? its cheap :la:
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Which widget was it?

Any link I could read about your commissions?
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its a commission widget, i cant remember the name xP

and you can just scroll down on my dA page till you see about my commissions, i need to update, but i can tell you that i take 20 points, i do traditional or digital, i haz a cartoon style n such
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